Lifetime Guarantee on all large firestarters

Navigator I

Large firestarter with handle, compass and thermometer.

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This is by far our most popular All-Weather Firestarter (AWF). This Firestarter comes with a beautiful hand crafted wooden handle (Hickory, Sassafras, Dogwood or Hawthorn) and our largest size of military grade magnesium.

It also comes with the AWF’s lifetime guarantee on the magnesium. To complement it even more, we added a few items that will help you navigate home.

The liquid filled operational compass and functional thermometer are tools that can be used to get you to your destination, and back home safely. Navigating the great outdoors just got a little easier! To finish it off, we've attached one of our specifically designed steel blades and a military 550 para cord.

You need meat. Meat needs fire. You need the All-Weather Firestarter!

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Navigator II

Small firestarter with handle, compass and thermometer.

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This AWF is the “mini me” of its predecessor. But don’t let that small size fool you! This firestarter packs the same punch as the Navigator I.

It comes with an operational liquid filled compass and a liquid filled functional thermometer. Its small handle allows for a comfortable grip for small hands. This AWF will start a fire with authority and it can definitely hold its own under any severe weather condition.

The magnesium on the Navigator II will last you up to 5 years if you use it two or three times a week! And the flint steel will give you over 200 degrees worth of heat and produce a shower of sparks!

Any Climate. Anytime. Any where. All-Weather Firestarters are there!

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Explorer I

Large firestarter with handle.

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This large AWF was designed mostly for “house use” such as your fireplace, indoor stove or close proximity places like your BBQ grill and chimineas.

The only difference between the Navigator I and the Explorer I are the bells and whistles (compass and thermometer). Other than that, you have an identical twin.

Imagine how awesome your Explorer I will look sitting upon your fireplace mantle or how super cool it will look hanging from your outdoor BBQ grill. The Explorer I will definitely start a lot of conversations and bring on the WOW factor!!

Got Fire?

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Explorer II

Small firestarter with handle.

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This small AWF comes with a thinner handle for a small hand. It was designed for young boys and girls in the scout clubs. That’s not to say adults can’t use it.

Make no mistake; this firestarter may be small in stature, but second to none in starting any fire! It comes with the same military grade magnesium (only in a smaller size) and a flint that will produce over two hundred degrees of heat and a shower of sparks!

It comes with a steel blade (to use as your striker) and a colored 550 para cord to hold it all together!

When it absolutely, Positively has to light--All-Weather Firestarters!

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Scout I

Large firestarter without handle.

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If you’re hiking or back packing the Appalachian Trail, Grand Tetons, or patrolling the mountains in Afghanistan, then you know every ounce of weight counts.

This AWF comes without a handle and weighs several ounces. It is three inches long and comes with the largest size of magnesium in the AWF’s inventory; it also comes with a lifetime guarantee on the magnesium!

Some people refer to the Scout I and Scout II as the key-chain or pocket model because it fits easily in your shirt or pant pocket. This AWF is small, light weight, and compact, therefore, making it easy to carry anywhere! The Scout I comes with a 550 military grade para cord and a striker!

All-Weather Firestarters--don't make camp without it!

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Scout II

Small firestarter without handle.

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Good things come in small packages!

This AWF is the smallest unit in our inventory and it comes without a handle. If you are really concerned with weight…then look no further because the Scout II is just what you’ve been looking for!

The Scout II is half the weight of the Scout I and is just as easy to use! Its small size makes it trouble-free to carry and definitely small enough to put in your back pack, fanny pack, tackle box, glove box, or any pocket on you! It comes with an AWF’s steel blade and a 550 para cord to hold it all together! Where weight is of the essence…then this is the one you want to go with!


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Flint for replenishing.

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